Too Much Plastic Surgery: Tom Cruise is Now Unlikely to be Considered a Standard of Beauty

It’s unlikely that Tom Cruise will ever again be questioned about the key to perpetual youth. The actor previously surprised everyone with his enduring attractiveness. The public is shocked by his drastically altered appearance today.


The actor disputes that he had surgery or got treatments at the cosmetic surgeon. Fans were willing to forgive such a guy for his refusal to admit to having plastic surgery. Fans are now warning that the artist has been physically damaged by facial alterations.

When Cruise made an appearance at a baseball game and was photographed by photojournalists last fall, it was clear that he had overdone it with plastic surgery.

The ensuing images, which quickly went viral, showed the Hollywood celebrity to have aged drastically and had an unnaturally bloated face.

Unfortunately, the celebrity’s most recent photographs, which were shot in the United States, are not any better. Again, the artist does not resemble the ideal of beauty in them.

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