This is Cher’s child, who changed her gender nine years ago.

In 1869, Cher, also known as Sherilyn Bono Allmanshe, gave birth to a female. She gave birth to her first child in this situation. To pay homage to the movie character of the same name, the girl was given the name Chastity.

Sonny Bono, Cher’s husband and singing partner, rejoiced at the arrival of their daughter. Despite his busy schedule, he made an effort to spend as much time as possible with his family.

Chastity was quiet when she was younger. She struggled with her weight, and her friends frequently teased her for it.

Due to the difficulty in finding fashionable clothing for larger ladies, Chastity began to wear jeans and shirts more frequently.

She immediately realized that she didn’t really care about what she was wearing or how she looked.

The adult daughter of Cher claimed to have no feelings towards men. She has an interest in powerful women.

Due to a court ruling, the girl’s name and gender were altered in 2010. By changing her name to Chaz Bono, Chastity has formally transitioned into a man.

Nine years have passed since the gender change. During this time, Chaz was adjusting to his new role and way of life.

Chaz put forth a lot of effort to achieve his goal, which gave him the opportunity to learn many intriguing topics.

With the help of his talents, he produced a book and a 2011 documentary film about his life.

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