Dad With 240 Tattoos Faces Backlash As People Think He Is A Horrible Father – Then His Wife Reveals The Truth

It is a cliche to not judge a book by its cover, but it never hurts to be reminded of it.

Judging a parent just on their appearance may be unfair if they do not meet the stereotype of a parent.

Others accused him of being a terrible father because of the tattoos on his face. Then his wife made a shocking revelation that startled everyone. Continue reading to learn more.

Self-expression is one of the pillars of individuality. Tattoos are a great way to express oneself since they let people express themselves visually.

Richard Huff, 51, expresses himself through the more than 240 tattoos he has on his body.

Together with his wife, the ink addict is raising five kids. His wife frequently shares photos of him and his children on social media, much to the dismay of the internet at large.

Huff, 51, wants people to understand that his family is “no different” from any other family. But he has acknowledged that total strangers frequently make fun of him online due to his appearance.

He outlined his origins.I started with my legs and worked my way up; it turned into an addiction, Huff said.

He said that tattoos now covered 85% of his body. His daughter’s lips and their names are inked on him.

Within the next four years, I want to have tattoos all over my body, said Richard.I’m not sure if it’s the pain or the artwork you place on yourself, but when you can accomplish this, it just becomes intriguing.

He asserted that having so many tattoos presents its own challenges. He acknowledged that the pupils at his children’s school found him to be frightful.

His daughter has stated in her own words, “They say, ‘ah it’s a bit scary’ and I say, ‘no, my dad is not scary, he is good with tattoos.'”

Richard’s wife Marita acknowledged that she shared her husband’s fear of him. She fessed up: “I did judge Richard based on his looks at first, but as I got to know him a little bit, he is actually a big-hearted person.”

She constantly discusses how much her hubby loves her in her blog writings. She frequently compliments him, referring to him as a wonderful father and dedicated husband.

Richard is much more than a true father to his three children from prior marriages, as Marita has made clear to others.

When asked about his involvement in the community, Richard responded, “I participate in the PTA and I attend all my kids’ events.”

Even though his benevolence is well recognized, he nevertheless receives criticism from many people. I’m not against tattoos, but does he really need tattoos on his face like that, one person asked in reference to the man’s facial ink.

Richard does not, however, have the only supporters.Everyone is constantly bringing up his face tattoo. He enjoys it. He understood it. He is a decent father. Let him alone.

“If somebody can make comments like that, there’s something wrong with them themselves that they would have to judge someone else,” Richard said in response to the criticism.”This is what we did, and we’re happy,” was added. We’ve been together for six years, and the happiness of our children is everything that counts to us.

Richard continues by saying that he still loves his family despite how much both he and they loathe one another.He claimed, “Having tattoos does not frighten my kids, it does not make me a horrible father, it gives my kids a different perspective on life.

After seeing him without all the tattoos, some people find it difficult to believe this is the same person!

Richard Huff seems to be a good father and husband who is adored by his family.

He is live proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

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