This hero is still going strong at 99 because to his extensive history as a performer and animal activist

Since as far back as we can remember, viewers have been drawn to quiz shows. When we think about these programs, Bob Barker is one of the first names that spring to mind. He is a household figure in the world of entertainment and shot to fame the moment he stepped onto the set of The Price is Right in 1972.

For 35 years, Barker hosted the program. During that time, he was recognized with 14 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host and four more for his work as an executive producer.

Barker remarked that his late wife was largely responsible for his professional success. “She gave me the courage to even attempt the task I set out to complete. She worked alongside me, not simply encouraged me, he stated in 2008.

Unfortunately, after 36 years of marriage, his wife Gideon passed away from cancer in 1981. “I never had any desire to get married again. I was married to her.Barker informed ABC News.

However, he finally discovered fresh love, and he did so with Nancy Burnet, his longtime partner.

Burnet is always gushing over Barker. She revealed something that everyone found surprising just before he celebrated his 99th birthday in December, and it relates to the host’s health.

Burnet specifically disclosed that despite Barker’s old age, he only takes one prescription, one for his thyroid.

He will soon turn 99 years old, and the only prescription drug he takes is for his thyroid. And everybody who visits him or works in health care will remark, “Well, we’d like a list of his medications.” Let me just show you the bottle, I’ll say. I’m done now. Therefore, he does not take any medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, or the several other conditions that the majority of individuals experience as they age, remarked Burnet in jest about his one prescription. He still has a terrific sense of humor, and his health is excellent for his age. He has lived an extremely fortunate life.

This is not to say that Barker hasn’t experienced medical crises and health concerns over the years. In contrast, he underwent surgery more than 20 years ago to treat a partially blocked artery and lower his risk of stroke, and he actually experienced a stroke in 2002. He underwent prostate surgery shortly after. In addition, he has had back problems and multiple small skin cancer occurrences.

Burnet makes sure her partner receives all the nutrients he requires while being a vegetarian. It was intended to improve everything, not to replace meals. given that he wasn’t feeling well, to take that in addition to his meals. Not only did he not appear healthy, but he also appeared worn out and rather fragile. And if you’re going to be a vegetarian and/or vegan, you had better be knowledgeable in your endeavors.

In addition to being one of the first and most well-known quiz show hosts, Barker is a supporter of animal welfare. “Bob Barker is here to remind you to help manage the pet population. One of his catchphrases is “Get your pets neutered or spayed.”

He actually changed his diet to vegetarianism in order to keep up with his late wife, who he claims was ahead of her time. Before anyone could stop her, she removed her fur coat. She switched to vegetarianism before many other people did. The same thing was progressively done with her as well.

In 2015, Barker told the Associated Press that “if young people are introduced to the terrible exploitation and mistreatment of animals in society, it will help influence them in anything they do.” “You need legislation when encouragement and education fail.”

Another reason we adore this man so much is because of his passion for animals and commitment to making the world a better place for them. He alters the world for the better by taking advantage of his fame.

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