She Had 43 Cosmetic Procedures To Become A Barbie Doll – But Critics Say She Look Like A ‘Zombie’

Woman who underwent 43 operations to resemble a Barbie doll exhibits her “new face” following the procedures.Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old from Baghdad, reportedly spent thousands of dollars altering her appearance to mimic the iconic figure.

She has been referred to as the “Iraqi Barbie” by some because of her remarkable features and golden hair.

The host and actress recently presented her new look in a video, drawing remarks like “Zombie” and “Devil Barbie” from fans.

Dalia has over 996,000 Instagram followers and an additional 43,900 on TikTok, which suggests that she has attracted a lot of people’s attention.

When Dalia and her makeup artist were standing for the camera, the beauty artist commented, “You look so beautiful, my dear.”the expression “like Barbie.”

Dalia, who has a large mouth and a small nose, comments, “Your makeup is Barbie.” The internet sensation might have recently had breast augmentations and lip fillers among other cosmetic surgeries.

Dalia is a well-known actress and TV host in her native country. She dwells in the Adhamiyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq. This is how she looked before having surgery.

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