Trolls sent her hateful messages after she revealed her pregnancy – then she shares what she went through

Make lemonade when life hands you lemons!

The reality is that this is easier said than done, but Jessica Quinn found a way to make lemonade out of life’s lemons, and she is now living life to the fullest, despite the ordeal she was forced to endure as a child and all the looks and hurtful comments she has endured over the years.

This soon-to-be mother of three, now 30 years old, was an active and sporty child when she was only eight years old. But only until she tried to demonstrate her abilities by standing on a soccer ball, at which point she fell and broke her femur.

I decided to stand on a soccer ball while playing outside with my sister in an effort to balance and show off a little, but I slipped off and broke my femur bone.”I was rushed to the hospital, where they performed surgery and attempted to mend the break,” she stated. Without understanding why the bone had cracked in the first place, they attempted to mend it for roughly three to four months.


Jessica was in agonizing pain after a surgery and several more treatments, but the bone still wouldn’t mend after four months. She had osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that frequently arises in the cells that build bones, which caused doctors to run additional tests after they became perplexed.

As a result of Jessica’s initial treatment with intense chemotherapy, her weight dropped to a risky 18 kg.

“It was the only real way to get rid of everything and save my life,” the author said. But there were a few factors at play, says Jessica. It was worsened by the possibility of the cancer spreading because I had injured my leg. Putting rods up my femur bone was another attempt to heal the leg, so getting a bone replacement or something similar was just not really an option. The only objective was to preserve my life.

The medical professionals gave the family two choices.

One involved what she refers to as “a full hip disarticulation,” or an amputation high in her hip socket.

But without a knee joint, you don’t really have anything to attach your prosthetic to, and since I was still a child and was rather active, I wanted to lead as regular a life as possible.

The second treatment option was a ground-breaking procedure that was the first of its type to be carried out in New Zealand.

It was a rotationplasty, a procedure in which the center portion of the leg is cut off, turned 180 degrees, and then reattached to the thigh. As a result, her ankle acted as her knee joint and her calf as her thigh.

“I was the first person in New Zealand to successfully undergo this kind of amputation,” claimed Jessica.

Jessica eventually figured out how to enjoy life to the fullest and came to terms with who she is. She acquired her confidence back and inspired countless people. Today, she has nearly a million TikTok followers and is an influencer, model, and athlete.

“I wanted to challenge the stereotypical portrayal of the ideal figure in the media. She told the New Zealand Herald, “My dream was to see people like myself reflected by genuine bodies.

Jessica provided a response to the query “Do you hide your insecurities?” in a well-liked video that she uploaded. ‘Hide your prosthetic limb, 8-year-old me, so nobody looks,’ I advised. 29-year-old me: no,” she wrote in the caption of the video that showed her initially pulling down her shorts to cover her prosthetic before posing and boldly displaying it for everyone to see.

Even more proudly, she competed on Dancing With the Stars and raised $55,000 for the Child Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.

“I find it difficult to even walk, let alone dance. That was the biggest step outside of my comfort zone I’ve ever taken. “It’s an awesome feeling,” she continued, “to see the impact my message has had on all these kids who ask me to take photos with them.”

She recently wrote on her blog about her life and everything she has experienced. More than a million people viewed her post. “21 years ago today I was wheeled into a 14 hour amputation that would hopefully save my life. My innovative surgery (see my other films) was performed as a last resort to survive after a protracted cancer battle. I wish I could travel back in time and explain to a younger version of myself what kind of life I would have after turning 21. Let’s hope for a lot more,” she wrote.


Despite the fact that she motivates a lot of people, some still leave critical remarks.

She responded to the rude commentators who asked “I would like to see which man was this level of brave plz” and “who the hell pregnant her” by posting a video of her growing tummy.

I HONESTLY do not get sad over statements like this, Jessica retorted. I genuinely love the physique I’m in. I am aware of everything I had to go through to get here, and in my opinion, it is all an amazing miracle. “I also love the community I have built,” she wrote, “but it’s only when my videos go viral and are shared with people who haven’t followed my story that these comments appear and that just shows we can’t judge a book by [its] cover.”

By writing sincere words, her supporters demonstrated their support for her. “The fact that these comments don’t phase you Jess make you even more of an inspiration to me,” and “I always think how lonely, sad, and unfulfilled these faceless internet trolls are to write such things,”

We hope Jessica never loses her optimistic outlook.

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