In 1997, this woman gave birth to 7 children. How do the world’s first septuplets live now?

When the McCaughey family wanted to have another child, they already had one. Her health problems prevented her from becoming pregnant for a very long period. They chose to try a different strategy.

Like they do to everyone, they implant 7 embryos in her. Rarely does more than one embryo survive, yet in this instance all seven did.

Their birth year was 1997. It was miraculous. They were all about 1.5 kg in weight. Sadly, two of them had cerebral palsy at birth, but they were able to walk following surgery.

Although their tale became viral, they lacked the funds to support them. They received a lot of donations as a result of their popularity.

Clothes and toys were sent by certain folks. Even the US president offered assistance.

They soon received a sizable house as a present. A number of universities were waiting for the babies to grow up and attend there, and the food was also free.

Do they still exist 24 years later?

It’s Natalie here. She aspires to work as an elementary school teacher. She achieved the finest results at graduation.

Brandon aspires to join the military.

Kelsey weighed 907 grams at birth. She longs to pursue a career as a singer. In the school chorus, she performs.

Kenny is a community college student studying civil engineering. From an early age, he had the desire to work as a builder.

Alexis has CP, which was present in birth. Her career goal is teaching. She uses a special device to help her walk, but she is the cheerleading team’s second captain.

As well as Nathan, he had cerebral palsy. He aspires to work in science. He attends Hannibal-LaGrange University to study computer science.

The latest birth was Joel’s. He has already been accepted to Hannibal-LaGrange University to pursue a degree in informatics.

The mother claimed that she was lonely and had no idea what to do with her time once her kids left the house.

Kelsey McCaughey is incredibly proud of her kids and adores them dearly.

They eagerly anticipate being grandparents.

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