Doctors ask husband to ‘pull the cord’ but he refuses: Now millions are inspired by Jovanna’s journey

Many families who experienced a nightmare and lost loved ones in what is thought to be one of the most terrible mass shootings the nation has ever seen on October 1, 2017, experienced a complete turnaround in their lives.

At the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, a lunatic opened fire on a large crowd, killing 48 people and wounding 851 more.

Jovanna Calzadillas, a 30-year-old mother of two, was one of those hurt.

She was taken by ambulance to the closest hospital, but the physicians determined that because she had been shot in the head, her chances of survival were slim.

Francisco ‘Frank’ Calzadillas, Jovanna’s husband, was present when the shooting happened and was advised to think about turning off her life support.

Even though he knew the possibilities of his wife ever recovering were extremely poor, he was extremely hesitant about the doctors’ advice because he couldn’t possible fathom his life without his wife.

But one night, he had a dream that Jovanna was standing in front of him, telling him, “Everything will be fine.”

He was only persuaded by this dream not to give up on his wife. He told the medics that he decided not to “pull the cord,” and that neither his instinct nor his faith failed him.

To the surprise of the medics, Jovanna only woke up a few days later.

“Her shot injury was difficult, but we prayed and hoped, and then she woke up,” said Frank, a police officer with the Salt River Police Department in Arizona.

She understood she had to battle hard not just for herself but also for her husband and children, and that her recovery would take a lot of time and strength.

She still struggles to put the massacre behind her, but the memories of it haunt her.

Jovanna now expresses her emotions honestly and makes every effort to live a normal life.

She claims that “some of me” vanished on October 1st. “I will return stronger even though I won’t be the same old Jovanna,” she said.

Jovanna continues, “I will fight for them,” referring to her family. And I’ll keep having faith in myself.

Many other victims who have endured similar catastrophes are helped by her remarks.

She declares, “We won’t let people like him [the shooter] win.” “And we’re not going to live in fear,”

Many people find inspiration in this woman. She is living proof that we can go through any hurdles in the way of living normal lives.

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