“When my husband and I went to our son’s in-laws to announce the birth of our grandson, the behavior of the daughter-in-law infuriated me. But what was especially despicable was my son’s conduct.”

Two of our boys and one of our daughters are now adults with their own families. My sons both have their own homes where they reside with their wives. My spouse and I recently celebrated the fatherhood of my oldest kid with great excitement.

On the day they were released from the hospital, we paid them a visit and brought them gifts and even some cash. My daughter-in-law and her mother didn’t appear to be happy to see us, though. They were, incidentally, residing at the home of my daughter-in-law’s parents. They didn’t even offer us coffee after we had been there for approximately an hour.

The soft toy I had brought as a present was not even accepted by the upcoming bride. But who gives a gift back? I wouldn’t have been shocked if my daughter-in-law had always been like way. We used to talk on the phone and had excellent relationships. She dramatically changed her attitude toward us once the baby was born.

Since he resides in their house, my son is unable to speak. We both felt upset when we got home, my husband and I. Later, I attempted to get my daughter-in-law to come see us numerous times over the phone but she refused. My son recently informed me that she is not nursing the infant. This makes me feel bad for my grandchild.

But I’m powerless to speak to her. When my friends and family inquire about my grandchild, I am at a loss for words. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only ever had one encounter with my grandson. When I asked my son to meet the baby for a stroll, he said that the child was still very tiny and that we may go for a walk when he was older.


I inherited the apartment from my mum. I first considered selling it and giving my kids an equal share of the earnings. Then, my husband replied that wasn’t necessary.
He made the choice to rent it out after renovations. My spouse thinks we have no future with sons like that. We ought to consider our own senior years. With my hubby, I concur.

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