Keith Urban returns home for prostate cancer

Popular artist Keith Urban was born in Australia. His relationship with Nicole Kidman, his wife today, started off like a fairytale.

When Kidman first met Urban in 2005 at an occasion called “G-Day LA” that honors the accomplishments of Australians, she said in a 2007 interview with Vanity Fair that she was secretly engaged to another man at the time. But just three months after their accidental encounter, the couple became engaged.

We were instantly attracted to one another, became engaged after three months, and were married in a hurry, but the actress admitted that they didn’t really know one another until they were wed.

“I believe that the timing of a first encounter is important. I also believe in my instincts. I had the thought, “Ahhh OK, somehow I’ve met home” from the moment I first met him. He had the same sentiment. Even though that was all we had, it served as the basis for all of our efforts.

The couple had two beautiful girls. One of the people who had a great influence on Urban’s development was his father Robert, who passed away following a battle with prostate cancer.

In honor of his father and to raise awareness, Urban went to the It’s A Bloke Thing luncheon in Toowoomba in 2018. When the musician was captured on camera by paparazzi at the Sydney airport and the images went viral, his fans worried that he might be sick.

Nevertheless, he was there to play at a charity event for prostate cancer awareness.

Urban is particularly dedicated about spreading awareness for prostate cancer because several other family members, including his uncles, sadly developed the condition.

Urban’s promise to perform for no charge contributed to the lunchtime fundraiser’s record-breaking $2,024,000 in proceeds.

This illustrates that Keith Urban is a person with a golden heart in addition to being a highly talented musician, a good spouse, and a beautiful parent.

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