Younger brother asks Down Syndrome sister to be Maid of Honor at his wedding

Perhaps what makes sibling love so beautiful is how absolutely unconditional it is.

We frequently argue, disparage one another, incite fury in one another, and other things as brothers and sisters. Your siblings will be by your side no matter what happens, though.

I am blessed to have both sisters and brothers, and I get along pretty well with each of them.

Simply said, there is nothing I would not do to help them if they needed me, regardless of my mood or the level of our current amity.

That may be the reason why this particular story struck a chord with me so deeply. It concerns Brittany, Brittany’s older sister with Down syndrome, and Vermont native Chris Garafola.

It goes without saying that their bond only grew stronger as they grew older and became adults. As a result, Chris knew that Brittany would surely play a key role in their wedding when he met Tatiana, the love of his life, and subsequently proposed to her.

Tatiana and Chris decided to postpone their nuptials until Brittany could be there to see them. Because of her disease, Brittany’s immune system was compromised, therefore before she could attend any social gatherings with other people, she needed to get her COVID-19 shot.

Chris and Tatiana were able to begin planning their wedding once Brittany obtained her immunization in February 2021.

Late in March of the same year, Chris, a male model, posted a video of Tatiana chatting with Brittany on FaceTime to his YouTube account.

She was shocked to learn that Brittany’s younger brother was getting married, but what Tatiana asked her next just left her speechless.

“And you understand the question I had for you? I’m looking for a maid of honor.In the video, Tatiana can be seen inquiring. Yes, I can, Brittany replied, breaking down in tears of joy.

As a result, Chris and Tatiana were married in April 2021, with Brittany serving as the maid of honor.

The newlyweds then disclosed that they had given Brittany a special ring as a surprise on their wedding day.

She has always been my best friend, and that won’t change even when I get married, Chris stated.

It goes without saying that Chris, Tatiana, and Brittany’s images quickly became popular online. Even the toughest of hearts can be softened by the sheer quantity of love captured in the images.

Watch the video below to see how Chris and Tatiana told Brittany the news:

Chris and Brittany’s sibling love is contagious, and we can’t get enough of it. adorable as can be!

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