“We’re finding it very difficult.” The woman gave birth to her 19th child at the age of 45. She’s even thinking about having a 20th. An impressive story indeed.

Jack, I assure you that this is not our grandson and is not ours. Alina yelled. We should run a DNA test. Our daughter-in-law is undoubtedly concealing something. “Be calm!” Bandera struck the table with his fist. “We shouldn’t get involved; this is our son’s decision.” “Don’t you see how little our grandchild resembles our son? Let’s persuade Semen to take the test since it is inexpensive. He has been behaving foolishly in front of his wife. “What if it’s just deep love?” you ask. Nikolai enquired. Who loves? Kolya is such a fool in our family, Alina retorted.

Early one afternoon, Semen was leaving for home. What a lovely day it is today, he thought as he strolled. Fantastic weather, with sun and frost. He was going through the park when he suddenly realized that the path reminded him of the pathways in fairy tales; he might round a corner and see Santa Claus and his granddaughter. Semen grinned at his ideas. He adored every person and every leaf in his path at that precise time. He then encountered a girl who was in desperate need of love. Semen saw a green-eyed, red-haired girl sobbing while sitting on a bench, as though from the same fairy tale.

“Miss, are you warm? Do you feel warm, my love? Semen came up to her. “Are you laughing at me?” The young lady opened her eyes. Semen answered, “No,” and sat down next to her. He had to prod the girl for a bit before she finally revealed why she was sitting on this seat. It turned out that the girl, Lida, had been duped by her boyfriend, who had taken advantage of her and left her with a debt for a car loan before departing. As a result, she lost her job, and she had no relatives to turn to for support. She was expecting and had no idea how she would make it or who could assist her. The most significant aspect of this tale was Lida’s pregnancy, which was evident by the way her eyes begged for assistance.

Since Lida’s eyes were so filled with despair, Semen made the decision that he would assist her no matter what. She originally declined, but he persuaded her to take the job in the accounting department of his company and helped her with the financing.She only consented to accept assistance if Semen promised to deduct it from her pay. Semen met Lida at the front door of the office and escorted her home.

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