This woman was told she could never have children, but the unexpected happens. This little miracle is born.

My dear, that didn’t work out for you,” her father merely remarked. Irina mustered the will to continue even though it was really difficult. She once ran across Mykola, an old student, who extended an invitation to meet up for coffee. Both Sophie and Mykola have always liked each other. He proposed that they begin dating after learning that Irina was now available.

Sophie said she wouldn’t mind, but she wanted to be honest about something. Sophie had health difficulties, and physicians had advised her that she couldn’t have children. Mykola enquired as to whether she had consulted with other doctors, but she hadn’t. She struggled to absorb this information right away, was demoralized, and decided against seeking additional medical attention.

Mykola said that even though he genuinely liked her, he still wanted to date her because they could want to adopt kids. Sophie concurred. She made the decision to get advice from different clinics, and every doctor she spoke to her the same thing: she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.

She once had a dream about her mother. It had never happened to her before, but this particular night it seemed as though her mother was communicating to her. She will have children, but Sophie needed to pray to the Lord, her mother assured Sophie. Irina had an odd sensation when she woke up.

She thought about her mother’s advice when her coworkers made the decision to attend church and decided to go along with them. She talked to the Lord in prayer. She learned she was pregnant two months after returning home. Irina and Mykola’s joy was too much to conceal.

They welcomed the birth of their first child, a son. They had another child in two years, and they currently have five sons. Mykola and Irina were ecstatic. They were blessed because the Lord had heard her. Miracles really do occur.

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