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To live with her husband’s parents, they relocated to a nearby city. Everything appeared to be fine. His parents appeared to be well-educated and decent at first appearance, and he was a very nice guy. He and Maria were roughly the same age and she had recently received her college diploma. When Jack secured employment, they relocated from their initial residence with his parents to a rented flat. Their son was born a year later, and they gave him the name Jack in honor of the father.

She stayed at home with their son and didn’t work. He made a solid living, so his wife wasn’t need to work. Maria got a fever one evening. They began treating her at home, assuming she only had a cold, after purchasing some medication. But her temperature didn’t go down, so Andriy dialed 911. Andriy looked after the infant at home. He could take one day off from work, but he couldn’t spend much time at home. They had thought Maria would get well and be sent home, but the doctor was emphatic that she wouldn’t be released until she was fully recovered.

Never asked his parents for assistance. The young pair took care of everything on their own. But now he was in serious need of help. He asked his mother to watch the child while Maria recovered by giving her a call. But his mother flatly declined, citing obligations she couldn’t change for the past. Even his own parents rejected him. He was often unsurprised because they had previously handled him in this manner. His grandmother never expressed any affection for her grandson.

Apologised and hung up, opting to handle things himself. He loaded up the baby and their belongings and headed to his mother-in-law’s residence in the nearby city. He was at ease now knowing that his son was in capable care. Like no other, she had his complete faith. Andriy returned home after taking a nap because he still had to get to work. He was given a bear embrace by his mother-in-law, who warned him to use extreme caution because he had been driving all night and hadn’t slept at all. I had only one thought the entire time: “Why do his parents treat him this way?

Why is it simpler for him to speak with and seek assistance from his mother-in-law than from his own mother? I also have a son, and I would never treat him in such a manner. I’ll always be there for him and help him out whenever I can. Since that time, he had made the firm decision never to seek the advice of his own parents again, under any circumstances. He had been badly hurt by their disregard.

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