Soldier is paying for his order but changes his mind when 2 shivering boys tell him they’re starving

Many of us have the utmost admiration and respect for our troops, and why shouldn’t we? They voluntarily risk their life for their country because it is their duty to preserve and defend our national interests. Military personnel may very well be the most patriotic people we have.

But despite their bravery and patriotism, military personnel frequently maintain humility and compassion at their very heart.

Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon appears to be a wonderful example of what humility and compassion are really all about – and no, it doesn’t always include fighting in another nation.

It occurred at a nearby Taco Bell restaurant.

Father-of-two Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon is presently assigned to Fort Benning, Georgia.

He went to the neighborhood Taco Bell one day to get some food. He ordered, received, and then sat down to eat his meal. He was then approached by two little lads at that point.

The two boys, who were 9 and 13, asked the man if he would be interested in purchasing some homemade pastries that they were selling to benefit their local church.

However, Lt. Col. Risdon observed that the lads appeared somewhat helpless. He soon surmised that they were impoverished because they were chilly and damp.

Lt. Col. Risdon made the decision to trust his gut. He enquired about the boys’ appetites and whether they had eaten dinner yet. In actuality, the lads were famished.

At that moment, Lt. Col. Risdon offered them a bite to eat, which is arguably the most fundamental act a human being can perform for another. They were free to select whatever they pleased from the menu.

Jason Gibson, another diner at the establishment, witnessed the happenings and recorded it all on camera.

After being moved by what he saw, Jason decided to post the video he had taken on Facebook, asking everyone to share it and support this incredible soldier and all-around wonderful person.

Easy Act Goes Viral
The video rapidly went viral online and attracted the interest of national media.

Later, Lt. Ridson said that although he is humbled by the attention, he thinks that many individuals do kind and admirable things for others every day.

Army Lt. Col. Risdon told The Huffington Post, “I don’t need it and I’m kind of embarrassed and humbled by the praise.” “I firmly believe that good deeds occur daily and that we reside in the best nation in the world with the best people.”

Watch the heartwarming video below to see how humble this soldier is, in my opinion.

What a lovely man who just did what he felt was right out of kindness. Share if you concur that Lt. Col. Risdon embodies all that is admirable about our country!

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