People are upset over sign KFC store posted on their doors – Restaurant refuses to take it down

Law enforcement personnel have seen difficult times in recent years, and the situation is only growing worse. Numerous police officers have been picked out and abused, and some individuals hold the misconception that all police are dishonest or corrupt in some way.

To show the men and women in uniform that they are cherished and appreciated, one restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio, determined they would make a difference. The window sign is definitely making a scene!

As stated on the sign:

“Every day, uniformed police officers receive free meals.”

To unequivocally demonstrate to all members of law enforcement that the city fully appreciates the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to keep everyone in the community safe.

There is no better way to replenish your energy before, during, or after a long day—and who knows, maybe it may even make the streets even safer!—than with a hearty hot lunch.

Things have been hectic ever since the sign was pinned to the KFC window; it has gone fully viral, receiving well over 5,000 shares and 10,000 likes on Facebook.

They serve all uniformed police officers absolutely FREE throughout the day, every day, as the store staff have been commenting on the Facebook post.

The majority of people—especially the police officers and their families—might be supportive and pleased about it, but there are also lots of others who are not at all happy about it.

Some folks didn’t like what the store owners had done and said they thought all first responders, not just the police, should be featured. Even the director of Ohio Going Blue, a law enforcement officer, said he couldn’t agree more.

He stated:

Although this is a good post, some of you can’t see the full picture.
Whether I’m in uniform or not, as an officer, I never enter a business expecting [or] desiring anything to be free or even discounted, and I can assure you that other police share my sentiments. We dislike being given “special treatment.” This was shared because KFC is actually honoring law enforcement. To those who said that additional first responders ought to be recognized. My response? ABSOLUTELY.”

Giving the good police officers a complimentary meal to keep them nourished for their demanding day is acceptable because they put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and give their all without expecting anything in return.

Why does the KFC sign in the window come to mind? Do you agree with it?

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