“Pathway to Heaven” captured in photo of tragic car crash

Anisa Gannon, then 19 years old, was on her way to work on April 25, 2017, when she saw a terrifying vehicle accident. Hannah Simmons, 23, and Lauren Buteau, 28, were traveling in a car to take Hannah’s daughter A’lannah to a regular checkup when Hannah lost control and slammed into a truck. Hannah, Lauren, and A’lannah passed away at the scene, but the truck driver wasn’t seriously hurt.

Four people died in the horrific disaster because Hannah was also expecting.

Anisa, who was already running late for work, made the decision to take a picture of the collision and submit it to her supervisor as justification for her tardiness that day. She had no idea, though, that the picture would help the surviving family members of the deceased find any type of closure.

Specifically, Anisa didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when she took the picture, but when she showed it to her aunt Tara Noble, she was alerted to the crystal-clear beam of light emerging from the accident. It appeared to be a way to the sky.

The aunt remarked, “Anisa, it appears to be a staircase leading to heaven.”

Anisa felt compelled to show the picture to Hannah’s and Lauren’s families as soon as she realized it was the “pathway to Heaven”. She had faith that it would bring solace, and she was correct.

Judy Simmons, Hannah’s mother, said after seeing the picture, “I just needed anything to reassure me that they were in Heaven and that they were OK. That served as my confirmation.

In a similar vein to Judy, Lauren’s mother Dana Buteau wrote, “I can’t articulate the feeling [that] came over me. It seemed as if we were watching them enter heaven.

The image served as a sign and aided the grieving families in moving on. It offered them some solace and supported them in their pain. All they required under such awful circumstances was that.

Judy remarked, “Nothing will ever be the same, my heart is broken, and I mourn them every day. If the photo hadn’t been there, I’m not sure how much better it would have been for me.

She claimed that in order to be reminded that her daughter and granddaughter are at a safe location every day and to be able to see the picture, she keeps it on top of her television.

Anisa’s portrait, according to Hannah’s fiancé, provided him peace. He had lost the love of his life, along with his nine-month-old daughter and pregnant child. “[The picture] is making me feel at ease since I know they are looking down on me.It is quite beneficial.

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