Four days ago, Jane gave birth to a baby girl, but she also returned from the hospital with two wonderful boys. What happened there?

Jane gave birth to a girl four days ago, but she brought two newborn boys home from the hospital! The outspoken and outgoing woman and the shy woman virtually arrived at the maternity hospital at the same moment. Jane looked about in terror as if she wasn’t fully aware of what was occurring. Jane taunted and encouraged Jane. These two women had to give birth in the same delivery room almost simultaneously. Thankfully, there were two teams working at the hospital that day, so nobody had to choose between the two mothers.

A baby girl was born to Jane. Her mother’s personality was immediately apparent. The newborn was totally healthy and didn’t cry; instead, he or she made a cautious squeak. Jane then gave birth. The twins’ loud cries awakened not just the entire maternity building but also the entire street. The arrival of two boys, incidentally, surprised everyone, including their mother. She stopped chatting, laughing, and was silent at this point.

The following day, frightened because her roommate Anya hadn’t emerged from the shower in an hour and a half, ran to the nurses.

And the following day, a written request to keep the twins was on the chief physician’s desk. It turned out to be too much to handle having two kids, and it felt unfair to prioritize one over the other.Although the kids were obviously pitied, the medical personnel had to accept the claim and move the twins into the custody division. She later made the decision, along with her husband, to assume custody of the infants there at the hospital. She had already developed a strong bond with them.

The doctors made a joke when they were let go: “She gave birth to one child but leaves with three.”

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