Dad thinks the surprise is that she’s pregnant – but watch when she reveals the real secret

Many couples consider becoming parents to be their ultimate goal. However, the new baby’s family is also ecstatic, as well as the expectant parents themselves.

When Leann, a woman, found out she was going to become a mother for the first time, she couldn’t wait to tell her father. He was ecstatic when she told him he was going to be a grandfather.

She hid the fact that she was expecting two children rather than just one from him, though.

Leann and her husband visited her father a few months later when her pregnancy got further along and gave him a photo of the most recent ultrasound, which revealed two kids.

The moment the man saw the ultrasound and realized his daughter was carrying twins was among the most dramatic ones we’ve ever seen.

Watching the reveal film is a real pleasure. It demonstrates how much our parents love us and how content they are as a result of our joy.

The happy event is captured in the video below!

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