At first glance, it looks like a harmless photo of a woman breastfeeding her baby. Look closer, though, and you’ll see the hidden detail that caused this picture to go viral

Creating intimacy and a link between a mother and her child through breastfeeding is a lovely and natural process.

Moms shouldn’t feel bad about feeding their children whenever and wherever they are hungry, but tragically, some people criticize them for doing so because they think doing so in public without a cover is inappropriate or unacceptable.

In the year 2018, Melanie Dudley, a mother of a baby who was then 3 months old, was out to dinner with her family and some friends when the infant began to cry for food. Texas native Melanie immediately began breastfeeding her child. And while everyone appeared to be comfortable with that, it appeared that a stranger seated at the table across from this mother’s appeared to be uncomfortable.

Melanie was contacted and requested to hide. And indeed, she carried out her plan in the way the visitor had anticipated.

“My entire family and I were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas when a man urged me to cover myself. We were seated in the rear of the restaurant, which is unusual for me to be discreet about,” Melanie told Yahoo.

I was wearing the cover, but it was quite hot. My tiny infant was perspiring and it was around 95 degrees outside, the Texan told TODAY.

“You know what? I said. I’m taking this off because I’m on vacation.”

The entire diner laughed when Melanie took the cover and put it on her head instead.

I simply placed it over my head. I have no idea why. There was no explicit fighting involved. That was all I could muster. I was at a loss for words, so I decided to just hide my head,” the woman said.

Carol Lockwood, a witness, captured the event on camera and posted a picture of Melanie online with the remark, “I’ve never met her, but I think she’s AWESOME!!! (Share, please! I’ve made this post public with permission since I’m sick of people making fun of nursing mothers. The picture was shared 225,000 times and counting in no time.

Many individuals backed Melanie’s actions and stood by her side.

We firmly believe that breastfeeding is completely normal and that no mother should feel embarrassed to feed her child in public.

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