After the birth of the baby, the parents couldn’t be happier because they have been waiting for him for a long time. Look how this baby looks

Madison was sleeping in the bedroom, lost in thought, while Dad and his son were watching football on TV. She informed her husband that she was once more pregnant when he went to bed. That’s fantastic, he retorted. They are now adults and will soon depart from the nest. And we’ll enjoy it more with a second child!” Madison paused before adding, “But I’m 38 years old.” So what?, her spouse comforted her. At this age, women in America give birth to their first child. I’m only 39. We will manage it.

When Mykola got home from the army, they had their wedding. Back in high school, he had fallen in love with Madison. Mykola worked as a grader operator while Madison began as a mail carrier and eventually rose to become the department director. They coexisted peacefully.

Their son and daughter entered their lives shortly after.While her brother was two years younger, she was in her final year of school this year. One morning at breakfast, Mykola told everyone what had happened. As usual, his son kept silent. But his daughter’s response caught him off guard: “Have you gone insane in your old age? I don’t need a sibling or a brother.

At night, their older kids came home. his son started assisting his parents and quickly got used to having a younger brother. Dasha, though, kept acting as though she didn’t have a new sibling and ignored him. Madison held herself responsible for what had happened, feeling like a guardian. Lyuba finally lost it one day when Dasha’s ridicule became intolerable.

What do you think you’re doing, she asked? What makes you believe that you can pick your mother? I’ve always loved you, and I always will. I adore everyone of my children equally, but I won’t put up with your mockery any longer. You’ll observe that it passes by so rapidly that you won’t even realize it until you get married and have children of your own.

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