After one statement from my daughter, I realized that I would never return home the same way again.

The door opened in the evening, and my wife stumbled inside. “What happened?” you ask. Half drowsy, I questioned. It had been a difficult day. I was left to care for the children while my wife went out to see. I put the kids to bed after some playtime and grabbed a book with the intention of waiting for my wife, but I ended up dozing off on the couch instead. This then transpired. Her speech was slurred and she was stumbling. She resisted my attempts to help her by pushing me away.

“Quiet! The kids are sound asleep. I’m OK on my own; no need for your assistance. Leave; I’ll relax here. Despite my best efforts, she continued to push me away as she opened the refrigerator and said, “Oh, wine!” Alcohol wasn’t there when I looked. I said, “You’ve had enough. Once more, she shoved me away. At that point, I understood it was a joke.

I occasionally behave in a similar manner on Fridays, and she intended to teach me a lesson. She almost fell when I stopped assisting her with her standing. She sneered at me before grabbing a bottle of wine and drinking nearly all of it. She had never gotten drunk like that before, so it was odd. I reasoned that maybe it’s all part of the game. “Don’t stare at me in that way. When she eventually took off her outer clothing to find red wine stains on her favorite dress, she said, “You’ve been tricking me all my life. It was genuine. I brought her to bed because I was worn out. I only wanted to smother her with a pillow. She then started moving toward me and threw herself at me.

She had a foul odor. I passed out on the couch because I could no longer take it. She chased after me with a pillow and exclaimed, “Oh, really? I’ll then head to Dima. What she was saying or who Dima was didn’t matter to me, though. I was too worn out already. The giggling of the kids awakened me up. They were playing and racing about the home even though it was only early. It was a beautiful day outside with the sun shining. It started to feel like a bad dream at some point.

My oldest daughter questioned, “Dad, what’s wrong with Mom?” “After your night out with friends, she looks just like you.” Yes, she was correct. I understood the main points of what had happened. It taught me a valuable lesson.

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