5-Year-Old Daughter of Fallen Officer Gets the Sweetest Police Escort to Her 1st Day of Kindergarten

Many police officers whose lives the 20-year veteran had touched came out to accompany his daughter to her first day of kindergarten as a mark of respect for him after he died in the line of duty. The veteran’s death months before made no difference. For many people on Earth, August 8, 2022, may have been an average day, but Anna Stolinsky saw it as a turning point. She started her education on that day by enrolling in kindergarten, marking her official first day of school.

Every parent wants to be there to see such moments, but Anna’s father, Police Lt. Kevin Stolinsky, was unable to attend this particular milestone. In November 2021, the proud father passed tragically from a medical issue that occurred while he was at work.

Kevin Stolinsky was a local expert with more than 20 years of experience. During those years, he had formed memories, relationships, friendships, and his own family. Therefore, people whose lives he had touched while he was living mourned his passing.

Most people thought he was a great man, but his daughter Anna and her mother Casey Stolinsky will miss him the most. His family and friends came together to give him a heartfelt send-off at his funeral after he passed away.

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