Valerie Bertinelli opens up about being ‘mercilessly mocked’ by former partner for her weight

After being “mercilessly mocked” for her weight in a prior relationship, Valerie Bertinelli is now getting well.

The actress revealed to her fans that she felt provoked on Sunday when she put on a pair of old pants.

The actor and Food Network star talked about her experience in a TikTok video.

“I’m laughing because a tiny hidden bruise I had today became active. My pants are rubbing together and making this noise, so you can probably hear them,” she remarked.

She wasn’t always able to mock her outfit choice, but she could now.

“I stopped wearing them because I was…mercilessly made fun of, like, ‘I’m too lazy to fix it. If you didn’t, they wouldn’t brush against each other, she stumbled.

She described how “hidden bruises” are what “emotional, verbal, and mental abuse do to you.”

People can’t see [them], but when they’re turned on, we have to deal with [them] every day, she said. “I’m so happy that the healing work I’m doing is effective.”


Despite Bertinelli’s admission that she was hesitant to pen such a piece out of concern that some could push her to call it quits, she had the following advice for anyone who might harbor misgivings about her:

“We call this moving on. We refer to this as healing. And welcome to everyone who can relate to this and feels heard. I am merely another member of your tribe.

The Hot in Cleveland star didn’t identify a previous partner by name, but her remarks come only a few days after she discussed moving past her divorce.

She wrote on Instagram, “It’s really painful, yet there’s a release that happens that’s incredibly therapeutic. “I do my best to heal from it in every way — my therapy, my journaling, my meditation, and rolfing,” the patient said. “I believe that a lot of emotional pain is stored in the body.”

In January 2022, Bertinelli asked for a legal separation from her ex-husband Tom Vitale; six months later, she filed for divorce. When she officially divorced Vitale in November 2022, she gushed that it was the “second best day of my life” as she rejoiced.

“I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough with narcissists. I’ve had enough of narcissists.

It can be quite challenging to decide to leave an abusive relationship. I commend Valerie for making the decision to start her recovery process by going. It’s not simple.

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