Ty Pennington’s brilliant response after being slammed for not having the same body he did decades ago

Ty Pennington rose to fame as a hot carpenter, but he now has a new appearance. Unfortunately, the 58-year-old celebrity had to put up with cyberbullying and harassment. He has been referred to as “fat,” “gross,” and “disgusting.” Ty finally had enough, and his most recent response to the haters is genius.


Ty Pennington, the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, has won the hearts of a lot of people ever since he made an appearance on the well-known BBC program Trading Spaces, where he worked as a carpenter. It wasn’t surprising that Ty immediately received an offer to host one of the best programs created to aid those in need because he is extremely talented and seductive.

Ty was in the spotlight because of hosting the program, but working on the set was demanding. He hardly had any spare time for his personal life.

For ten years, I didn’t see my family or my partner. I would wash my laundry, then head back out,” he admitted to The Atlanta Constitution in 2019.

“My God! When I ran into people from the old TV show, they exclaimed. You appear fantastic! I slept for a while. I believe my appearance has improved significantly since I appeared on the show.

In actuality, Ty wasn’t always interested in working in the construction industry. Instead, he intended to become a graphic designer and worked in construction while attending art school to help pay the bills. However, a near-fatal vehicle accident he was engaged in put a stop to his modeling career, and he instead chose to pursue a career in carpentry.

“My career seemed to take off overnight… Sadly, fate had other ideas. I would be in a terrible vehicle accident just one week later,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I put away my one passable headshot, grabbed my dependable tool bag, and returned to carpentry and construction. I would receive a call to audition for Trading Spaces nine years later, and the rest is history.

He made his Hollywood debut as a set designer for Nicholas Cage’s 1995 picture Leaving Las Vegas, but it wasn’t until he played a builder on the groundbreaking reality television program Trading Spaces that he became a household name.


Ty turned to new ventures after Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which earned him two Prime Time Emmy Awards, was canceled in 2011. He began appearing on The Revolution, an ABC chat show, and later appeared on On The Menu and American Diner Revival, two cookery programs. He also launched a design shop in Los Angeles. Ty worked on some repairs for Trading Spaces and appeared on the Deluxe Corporation’s Small Business Revolution: Main Street’s third season in 2018. He was most recently seen serving as the Battle on the Beach host.

He wasn’t given the chance to return to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when it just aired again, but he insisted that there are no grudges or bad blood.

Currently, Ty may be seen as a host on the program Rock the Block and as a mentor and design expert on HGTV’s Battle on the Beach.

In November 2021, Ty married social media manager Kellee Merrell, age 33. He posted a picture on Instagram with the message “It’s the ‘yes’ for me” after popping the question with a stunning tea-drop-shaped diamond ring.

Although they had known each other for a long time, they only began dating last year after meeting.

I’ve long admired Kellee from a distance. Both on the inside and the outside, she is stunning, Ty told People.

“Fortunately, the stars aligned and our paths ultimately intersected. It’s one of those things where being near someone makes you simply joyful. She altered my perception of marriage, something I had never previously had. Happy I waited for the right one.

After several admirers pointed out that he no longer had a six-pack, the presenter last year posted a humorous video of himself from the beach with his shorts pushed up to his stomach with the caption, “he was pushing his stomach out.”


In a lengthy Instagram post titled “Thoughts on Aging,” he decided to respond to the criticism in more detail. He wrote: “What was an honest moment of just wanting to make my wife laugh, was then ripped apart by strangers- with a lot of views, comes a lot of hate! Comments like “disgusting,” “gross,” “omg he’s so old now,” “grandpa,” “he got fat,” and similar expressions…And I pondered whether I would hear the same remarks if I were still young and in good shape. He wrote, “There has been such a force in the female community behind accepting all shapes, sizes, and aging, which is AWESOME (keep it coming), but maybe let’s give that same grace to men?”

Of course, he was much younger than he is now when he first appeared on television.

“I receive questions like, ‘NOOOo what happened to him???’ on a daily basis. Recently, “lack of exercise” was even mentioned by someone, which I hope was the case! Seven days a week of intense exercise is the hardest I’ve ever worked out in my life (and I’m over 50). It’s been 22 YEARS since I made my television debut, so “what happened?” He composed. “No, I don’t have a six pack or glorious hair (with frosted tips) anymore, but I do have wisdom, empathy, and life lessons, and at 57, I’ve truly never been happier! Anyway, all of this is to imply that I am a human being with feelings. I am older, but I still think it’s cool.

As for us, we think he looks great.

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