It was as little as a nail when she discovered it on the ground while walking through the forest

A woman was strolling in the woodland when she came across a small creature that she thought was lost. She knew it wouldn’t live on its own because of its size, but she had no idea what it might be, so she chose to take it with her.

She had no idea that the tiny animal was actually a feathertail glider. She brought it to a sanctuary because she was unsure of what to do with it, where it developed into a real cutie pie. Before being released back into the wild, the infant, who had been given the name Boop, received a lot of love and care.

The feathertail glider, which gets its name from its long tail that resembles a feather, is the smallest gliding marsupial in the world.

These critters, according to Wildlife Queensland, have a mouse-sized body with a back covered in grey-brown fur and a white bottom. With the exception of a fringe of long, stiff hairs that run down either side and resemble feathers, the unusual tail is hairless and quill-like. They have folds of skin between the front and hind legs that expand while they glide, which usually lasts 14 meters.

Their tiny feet resemble those of a frog, but instead of scales, they have fur. They can climb nearly anything thanks to the large pads on their toes that have serrated groves underneath.

As omnivores, feathertail gliders consume insects, pollen, seeds, honeydew, nectar, and nectar. To help them grasp their food, their long, brush-like tongue is long. Once they have consumed all of the food they have found, pollen that has become stuck to their fur is eaten.

These adorable creatures originate from Australia. They are primarily found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia along the east coast.

Although woods, rain forests, and woodlands are where feathertail gliders often inhabit, they can also be found in parks and even in private gardens. For the latter, they typically take up residence on top of homes or inside phone boxes.

These animals are undoubtedly exceptional, that much is clear.

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