High schooler takes off his helmet, grabs a guitar and sings national anthem

One of the few things that truly makes the heart race is an impassioned rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

You only need to speak with someone who watched Jackson Dean Nicholson play defensive end when he was a senior at Maryland’s Arundel High School a few years ago.

We’re not talking about his pre-game program; instead, we’re talking about him performing the national anthem. In addition to thousands of internet users over the years, it impressed the local audience.

When Nicholson discovered there was no one else available to sing the national anthem before his school’s game, he reportedly had to choose a choice. He had the option of either letting the audience sing the song themselves or letting the school play a recording over the speakers, of course.

However, Nicholson seems to be made of a different material. The high school student arrived at the field alone before the game with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone.

He then sang one of the best renditions of the American national anthem we’ve ever heard, so it’s not surprising that the video has gone viral.

Even though the video was first posted in 2018, Nicholson’s vocal prowess is still evident in it, and it is still relevant today.

“It was fantastic. He added that the majority of the individuals in those stands were acquaintances of mine, and up until I brought out my guitar, they were oblivious of what I was doing.

Check out the stunning performance below:

For his five minutes of fame, Nicholson may have been dressed like a senior defensive end, but his true love is music. Since he was a freshman, he has been writing and performing songs, and just before going viral, he was putting the finishing touches on his own album.

He made the right choice by going by Jackson Dean as Jack Nicholson is already an actor of good caliber.

In 2018, Jackson said of his football career: “This is my final year, then I’m done. I’ll have earned all of my credits by the time January rolls around, so I only need to sign up for this semester. My principal, who is very supportive of what I do, granted me a waiver.

“I’ll take the chance on it.” Good luck to you, Jackson!

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