Grace LePayne, 107, celebrates her birthday and reveals the key to her longevity.

On December 8, 2022, Grace LePayne will turn 107 years old. She was excited to share her wonderful day with the world and was dressed in beautiful necklaces and gold hoop earrings.

Not every day was as sunny and brilliant. The Great Depression and the passing of her seven-year-old son were issues LePayne had to deal with. Her husband passed away shortly after.

LePayne treasures the time she spends with her family. The elderly woman grinned and responded, “What do I like to do?” when asked what her favorite pastimes were. “I don’t feel like doing anything right now,”

On the other side, her family members dispute this idea, pointing out that she is quite busy. LePayne enjoys entertaining family members, going shopping, and hanging out with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Her birthday was celebrated with loved ones coming from North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and New York, among other places. LePayne said, “I’m happy to have all my family here,” demonstrating how much she appreciates her life and cannot wait to celebrate with them.

Everyone who met LePayne was left wondering how she had managed to live such a long and fulfilling life. LePayne might not have found the Fountain of Youth, but she’ll always appear young thanks to her sense of humor.

How did she manage to live such a long life? Just be joyful, she advised. It is the most important. If LePayne’s “secret” is any indication, we ought to be grateful, considerate, and joyful.

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