4 officers walk out of WNBA game over players’ offensive shirts

One fact about today’s population is that they are easily offended, which makes it challenging for the rest of the population to be open and honest.

Four off-duty Minneapolis police officers left a Lynx WNBA game because of what was written on some of the players’ pre-game shirts.

In reality, the names of two black males who were shot by police were inscribed on the uniforms because the players wanted to remember the victims of police shootings. “Black Lives Matter” was printed on the back of each shirt.

According to reports, the officers requested the players to remove their shirts before they left the game in a show of protest.

The players gave an explanation of their motivation and said that the shirts underscored their wish to pay tribute to the deceased while also calling for an end to racial profiling and violence.

Janee’ Harteau, the chief of police in Minneapolis, released a statement in which she expressed sympathy for the officers’ annoyance but decried their decision to leave the game in protest.

She added that police personnel must uphold their oath of office whether they are on duty or not.

Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Federation, said, “It’s just a shirt,” but added that the Lynx players’ protest was “anti-police” and that the players were believing a “false narrative” about police misconduct, which is why the security guards, who were working security at the time, left.

But not everyone concurred with Kroll. When Bob Kroll made comments about the Lynx, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges called them “jackass remarks.” “Let me be clear: Labor leadership does not automatically speak for management. Bob Kroll most definitely does not represent me when it comes to the Lynx or anything else.

At a time when there was racial rioting, the Lynx players protested, and the officers responded by protesting.

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