Marina stayed with her son for a month and was about to return when suddenly she remembered that her son had not shown her the surprise. Then the son called her to the window, and the woman exclaimed in surprise…

Marina was a loner. Her son had gone to a far-off nation and hardly ever visited, and her husband had long since passed away. Their city was industrial, had many of factories, and had a bad environment. Whether as a result of this or missing her loved ones, Marina frequently experienced loneliness. Yegor, her son, contacted frequently and invited her to come see him. Mommy, come over here.

Three years have passed since you last saw your grandchild. Here, the scenery is breathtaking, and the air is pure. different from the smog in your city. Natalia invites you to come as well. Okay, I’ll give it some thought, Marina said. She finally consented to go.

Baba Nastya, Marina’s next-door neighbor, advised her to leave. “You’ll just get sick in this city of yours,” she said.

To visit her son, Marina made the decision to ride the train. “I’m curious as to what surprise Yegor was referring to. Looking out the train window at the stunning scenery, she wondered, “Could it be these mountains? peaks, lakes, etc. Olga Zakharivna had never previously witnessed such scenes. The surrounding scenery pleased and enthralled her the entire way. In the midst of the mountains, Yegor had a country home. a beautiful view. She could see the lake from the window of her room. Like being in heaven. Andriyko, her grandson, clung to his grandmother right away. Like a shadow, he followed her everywhere. They would go nature walks in the morning. Together, grandmother and grandson gathered flowers and herbs. Natalia, her daughter-in-law, also appreciated her mother-in-law’s visit. She attentively absorbed Olga Zakharivna’s culinary knowledge. A month passed.

Olga Zakharivna was preparing to return home. “Olga Zakharivna, stay and visit us for a longer time,” begged her daughter-in-law. And, Mom, where are you racing off to? Who is there waiting for you?” her son asked. I don’t want to burden you, son. It’s time for me to depart; I’ve been with you for a month,” Olga Zakharivna retorted. Also, I want to say thanks for the surprise. I had a fantastic experience. Her son grinned and said, “The surprise isn’t about the ‘wonderful time’.” “Move closer.

“Her son was standing close to the window when Marina approached him. He gestured to a cute structure nearby and said, “See that little house?” “Yes. It’s beautiful!” Yelled Olga Zakharivna. “The surprise is that. You have it, Mom. What joy it is to have family close by and such stunning scenery.

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