A story about Matt LeBlanc, who put his career on hold to spend time with his daughter

As Joey Tribbiani in the television series Friends, Matt LeBlanc gained notoriety thanks to his charm, sense of humor, and catchphrase, “How you doin’?”

But when not in the spotlight, the actor encountered challenging times. His daughter was just eight months old when she received a sickness diagnosis, and he was having financial trouble.

Matt LeBlanc never intended to pursue a career in acting. He loved motorcycles and had pursued training to become a carpenter.

He traveled to New York to become a model after dropping out of college, but his height wasn’t ideal. Despite the challenges, he was able to land parts in some TV shows and advertisements. But it was Friends that propelled him to fame.

Before the show’s breakthrough, the actor was on the verge of bankruptcy. The Friends casting directors struggled to decide between him and another actor. Although the show’s success made him famous, his life was defined in the background by Marina’s cortical dysplasia.

After Friends, Matt LeBlanc devoted himself to his daughter and withdrew from the spotlight to spend more time with her. Years of difficulty resulted in his psychological breakdown. He endured the difficult moments, though, and discovered happiness once more because of his love for his daughter and his fortitude.

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