Without using a computer, the instructor was able to educate kids computer science.

In February 2018, pictures of Ghanaian computer instructor Richard Okot quickly gained popularity on social media.

He taught first grade in a small town where there were no computers for the students. Richard came up with a clever answer to this problem.

Before each lesson, he would use chalk to draw computer programs that looked like Microsoft Word on the chalkboard.

Richard did this to teach his children about computers and to show them how valuable they are.

He wanted to prepare students for the upcoming computer science national test despite the fact that there were no computers in the school.

The school was required to participate in the national exam despite not having any computers on site.

After seeing the photos, many individuals and groups donated laptops and software to the school.

These days, a large portion of the pupils at this institution are interested in a career in information technology.

Thanks to Richard’s commitment and the support of donors, these kids now have new opportunities and doors open to them.

The photographs that went viral not only brought attention to the issues the school was having, but they also led to a positive change that continues to inspire and empower the children.

Thanks to Richard and the support they received, these kids are now able to pursue their interests in computer science.

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