When a poor man asks a street artist to sing with him, the crowd is mesmerized.

These days, street artists may be found everywhere. One of them is frequently spotted throughout the city. However, it’s possible that this gift is less typical than others. UK street artist Johnny Walker made the decision to travel to Leeds one chilly evening.

He typically performs alone, but this time he decided to invite a visitor. When they decided to include a poor guy in the play, Johnny didn’t think twice about it. Thank god he did. He significantly improved the show.

The unfortunate man, Bernard, has a really intriguing past. He is well-liked and well-known throughout the city.

He has two children and appeared on Harry’s Game in the past. He was active in Irish folk music in the past.

The information we’ve provided about the show simply doesn’t do his voice’s tone credit.

You should listen to it for yourself.
If you spend the time to listen, you won’t regret it. It demonstrates that smart people may be found anywhere and that not all books can be judged by their covers.

After watching this video, let us know what you think. You wouldn’t have guessed this man had such a strong voice, now would you? Would you have given his past any thought given that it was broadcast on television? Please share your thoughts with us in the field below.

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