Even though everyone told her not to, she had her son: What does the weird couple’s son look like now?

Artem and Daria attracted a lot of attention by posting images of their child online. Dasha, in contrast to her chosen one, is a healthy full-grown girl. Our heroine of the day informed her readers that she never worried about her spouse’s appearance because Artem is a fascinating conversationalist and a decent husband and father.

After the birth of her kid, Dasha’s fans misinterpreted her. The fact that the boy didn’t resemble his father led the followers to believe that Daria had fathered a different son. On the internet, the girl claims that her spouse is the child’s father.

Artem and Daria share information about their lives with their pals on Instagram despite the fact that there is a lot of nasty content online. The man doesn’t just sit around, that much is clear. Artem works virtually.

A young man supports his wife and little son by working as a coder. Wishing patience and happiness to this great couple is all that is left to be done.

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