An old man is playing the piano when, out of the blue, a boogie-woogie master walks in

According to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, everyone on earth speaks the language of music. It has never been more evident than in this film, which also includes an elderly man who won’t be named and Brendan Kavanagh, a.k.a. “Dr. K.”

At a railroad station, the elderly man is by himself. He is accompanied by a piano. He enjoys playing the instrument by himself despite the observers.

Out of nowhere, Brendan Kavanagh appears and begins collaborating with the man on music. The other man and Brendan, also known as “Dr. K.,” begin playing some boogie-woogie piano.

Brendan stands next to the person seated and plays the piano. Brendan then shifts to his left and embellishes the tunes with bass lines. They played together for longer than five minutes.

More people are stopping and listening to a boisterous piano duo playing in the center of a station. The video that was recorded at the moment of the event using a cellphone has been viewed by millions of people.

At a lone piano, two strangers come together and begin composing music in an almost miraculous way. They remain silent. Every time they play a song, Brendan will ask the man whether he recognizes it.

Brendan has a history of acting in this way. On the internet, he can be seen playing the piano with other people in shopping centers and at train stations. To have fun and create music, he joins as many musical ensembles as he can.

Since Brendan holds a degree in English, he is referred to as “Dr. K.” He is a British piano instructor of Irish descent. He enjoys teaching and performing boogie-woogie piano. In this film, Brendan and the man are seen making up songs and guitar riffs in the vein of the music.

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