Man Hears Doorbell Ring, Sees Desperate Boy on His Porch Asking: ‘Do You Have Any Kids?’

Shayden Walker, an 11-year-old kid from Texas, has had trouble making and maintaining friendships. Walker has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder, and he is on the autism spectrum, all of which, according to his mother Krishna Patterson, predisposed the poor youngster to being brutally mistreated at school.

As a result of his issues, which prevent him from successfully interacting with other kids, Patterson explained the struggles her son faced. She said the situation broke her heart. She described how Walker frequently stims (repeated bodily movements or behaviors), makes noises that other people find amusing, and flaps his arms.

Patterson heartbreakingly disclosed that, at times, her son would force himself not to give in to his symptoms in an effort to stop being made fun of because of his recurring stims. Walker described his experiences as a result of his conditions:

“In the past, kids would manipulate me and claim to be my friends, but when they would ask me to do terrible things, I didn’t feel like they were really my friends,” said the speaker.

The degree of cruelty Walker experienced was extreme. His suffering became so severe at one time that his mother even revealed:

The bullying was so severe and left my child feeling so alone that he had to be hospitalized.

Tiny Shayden Walker went in despair to a stranger’s home.
Last week, a red-headed Walker wearing a “Jaws” t-shirt decided to look around his neighborhood to see if he could find someone who would be his friend after having trouble making friends. In order to further his mission, he approached Brennan Ray’s home and requested assistance.

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