To encircle his home, a man spends $8300 on 400 feet of plastic

Man purchases $8300 worth of plastic to around his home. Once you understand why, you’ll understand how shrewd this actually is.
Most of us aspire to live in comfort. No matter how big or little our place of residence is, at the end of the day, the comfort and coziness it brings is what defines it as a home, and as such, we must at all costs defend it and keep it safe.
Randy Wagner, a Texas resident, was aware that the hurricane season was approaching, so he made the decision to take action and secure his home against flooding.

He was thinking of a costly and time-consuming plan, but he felt it was essential to the security of his property.

He constructed a 400-foot-long plastic fence around his home. He spent $8300 on it.

Most of his family and neighbors thought this was ridiculous and that Randy’s investment was a waste of time and money, but they were mistaken. The barrier actually worked to keep the water back when the hurricane did hit the nation, preventing it from getting to his home. As a result, Randy avoided property damage that could have cost him up to $150,000 to repair.

It is crucial that individuals take precautions because hurricanes are frequent in various areas of the United States.

First, it would be wise to put together a kit bag with all the essentials you would require in the event of an emergency, like a torch, batteries, some cash, first aid essentials, and medication. Make sure you prepare enough food and water to last for several days without electricity in case there is nowhere else that is safer to flee to than your home.

Before hurricane season begins, you might want to trim any nearby tree branches that could potentially fall when a windstorm hits and harm nearby properties. It’s also essential to clear up any gutter clogs, as leaving the debris there will prevent any water from entering your home.

The video below has further information about Randy’s investment.


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