Young 30-year-old man invited his 89-year-old neighbor to live with him for company in her final days

There are probably not many men in their 30s whose closest pals are 89-year-old women. But that’s exactly what this friendship, between Chris Salvatore and Norma Crook, is all about.

Chris wants to work in Hollywood. When he first moved into his new Los Angeles residence four years ago, Norma was there.

He frequently saw the neighbor, Norma, waving at him from the window. One day, the man made the decision to see an elderly woman and went to see her.

When Norma gave him champagne, the conversation naturally started.

The young man and the elderly woman connected right away. Chris is referred to by Norma as her unborn grandson. Chris is often astonished by his friend’s upbeat attitude, her strength of character, and her current take on life.

These two maintained their weird friendship for a number of years till Norma was admitted to the hospital one day.

Chris made the decision to spend as much time as possible with Norma when the woman’s physicians informed her that she did not have long to live.

Norma required round-the-clock care and was unable to live alone any longer. Chris offered the neighbor to move in with him without hesitation.

I had no other option, the man says. Because Norma’s insurance did not cover a 24-hour caretaker, a hospice or nursing home may have been used instead.

Norma was thrilled when Chris asked her to move in with him. Now, Norma and her pet cat reside with Chris.

Friends frequently get together for photos, glasses of champagne, and meals made by Salvatore.

Chris claims that their chance encounter with Norma was predestined: “Just being there and helping her gives my life meaning.”

This heartfelt bond is proof that age is completely irrelevant. Furthermore, the alleged generational difference is nothing more than clichés.

“At first appearance, it can appear that you have nothing in common with an 89-year-old person. But age is irrelevant. True friendship cannot be hindered by it, says Chris.

The elderly woman was quite fortunate to have found a kind “grandson” in the young man, and Chris’ act truly merits praise.

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