The judges of “American Idol” were blown away by a talented vocalist who was only 7 years old. Please view the video attached!

Malea The judges found Emma to be sweet at first, but when she opened her mouth and began singing, they were completely surprised.

American Idol’s Season 17 premiered with the lovely “Star Spangled Banner,” the nation’s anthem, when it finally made its comeback.

However, the choice of an artist was not entirely anticipated. As a small seven-year-old child entered the stage, the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan stood to their feet and placed their palms over their hearts.

Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja earned notoriety after singing the American National Anthem at a Major League Soccer game in September 2018. Malea Emma was chosen after battling hundreds of other Instagram users.

Everyone at the soccer game was astonished to hear the girl’s strong voice coming from such a small body. The day after her performance, Malea Emma received an invitation to take part in a David Muir interview on ABC World News.

Later, she was given the chance to participate in the radio program On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan also decided to let the American Idol producers know about the youngster’s issue by contacting them.

Malea Emma and her father were flown to Idaho by American Idol representatives so they could perform for the judges at the beginning of the season. The young youngster initially charmed the judges with her cuteness, but they were taken aback when she opened her mouth to begin singing the National Anthem. The moment the tiny performer’s confident, lovely voice started to boom out, the judges’ lips dropped to the floor.

Malea Emma wore a stunning flowery dress and a pink jacket as she confidently posed in front of them. She clearly has experience giving performances in front of crowds.She sang the difficult song enthusiastically, even hitting the high notes at the end. Unlike other kids her age, Malea Emma’s voice was faultless and controlled to an amazing degree. She also added some excellent falsetto notes and a fresh ending to the well-known tune.

Luke Bryan, the judge, remarked, “A seven-year-old is outsing us!” Given that 15 is the required minimum age for American Idol contestants, the judges were ecstatic and gave the young woman a Golden Pass, which would transport her to Hollywood in 2027.

Malea Emma, who is seven years old, has a Golden Ticket in her wallet and is on course to become a wonderful vocalist. This kid was certainly destined for the stage!

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