The chеst is all sаgging! Sаlma should not have wօrn such a ոeckline

The entire chest is drooping! Alma shouldn’t have chosen such a line of work.

The actress, 49, wore a daring costume.

In the nation’s capital, the London Evening Standard Theater Awards were presented. Hollywood A-listers Salma Hayek, Gillian Anderson, and others attended the event.

James McAvoy, 36, won Best Actor, while Nicole Kidman, 48, won Best Actress.

Hayek, 49, opted for an Alexander McQueen white dress with a plunging neckline for the red carpet. The event’s attendees were able to view the actress’ stretch marks on her chest because of the open-minded clothing.

Salma Hayek is forever associated with the stereotype of a passionate, seductive brunette who makes men’s hearts race at the sheer sight of her. However, despite her attractiveness, she still failed in terms of fashion.

Hollywood icon, 56 years old, made a risky decision. Not every lady her age would consent to being exposed in public, but Hayek made the most of the chance.

The celebrity dazzled on the red carpet at one of the most recent social gatherings in a transparent floor-length gown. The artist undoubtedly intended that the audience would not be left dumbfounded by her work. And so it was, but we’re not exactly talking about being delighted.

Hayek displayed her small, curly legs and humpback to the public rather than a gorgeous physique. The scenario was not saved by even a deep neckline, which exposed all the attractions of a Mexican woman who is unlikely to be able to soon wash herself free of such a humiliation.

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