Now that Gutfeld is in charge of late night, NBC executives are reconsidering Jimmy Fallon’s renewal.

Jimmy Fallon, the host of the late-night show, has just received some dreadful news.

The decision to extend Greg Gutfeld’s $80 million deal is being debated by NBC officials, according to a recent report, now that he is the late-night ratings king.

Greg Gutfeld’s program typically outperforms a lot of other late-night TV options, while avoiding awakened competitors like Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon isn’t even humorous, to add to that.

Many of the networks’ late-night schedules should look very different this time next year, in my opinion. After all, the vast majority of them who go awake become impoverished.

NBC executives regret Jimmy Fallon’s $80 million deal renewal with Fox News. Greg Gutfeld outperforms “The Tonight Show” in the ratings: Sources

According to, FOX News competitor Greg Gutfeld is winning the ratings battle over The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the TV flop’s dwindling ratings are giving NBC executives buyer’s remorse.

Nearly 19 months after the Peacock Network extended Fallon’s $80 million, five-year contract, The Tonight Show has 1.3 million viewers, which is less than half as many as upstart Gutfeld’s show.

But compared to Fallon’s well-received debut, that figure is even more shocking!

The 48-year-old Saturday Night Live star attracted an astounding 11 million viewers when he originally took over for departing great Jay Leno, but now Stephen Colbert’s CBS Late Show is outdrawing him!

NBC regrets the comedian’s lengthy deal, a source claims, adding, “The network understands that the Tonight Show’s tens of millions of viewers are long gone, but they were counting on Jimmy to do better than this!”

Watch the incredibly embarrassing clip below to learn why no one is watching Jimmy Fallon’s show any more:

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