Never give up: 24-year-old garbage collector from an extremely poor family entered Harvard Law School

Rehan most recently worked as a trash picker. He is 24 years old and has experienced hardship throughout his entire life.

He was raised in a typical family. They had similar financial situations, but they also did not live in poverty.

When the boy’s mother left the household when he was 8 years old, everything changed.

His father worked long days at three jobs in an effort to get the family’s finances under control. However, it was still insufficient.

Rehan barely even completed high school as a result. Teachers praised his abilities, and he focused all of his study on getting “excellent” and “good” grades.

Even counting on pursuing higher education was impossible for him. However, he treasured his dream.

He helped his father pay off bills that had accumulated over the years by working as a janitor.

His coworkers were shocked to see an enthusiastic young man next to them when he arrived to apply for a job as a janitor. However, he arrived in tattered, dated attire.

Even Rehan’s superiors were somewhat taken aback. Since the majority of people who accept this employment do not have any ambitious plans for their lives.

He frequently interacted with other administrative staff members, kept cordial, polite relationships with everyone he encountered, and demonstrated his responsibility as a worker.

The individual who employed him was acquainted with a professor at a nearby university. Rehan was admitted to Bowie State University on the strength of his recommendations.

He was given the chance to work as a political consultant for one of the nearby businesses while still a student at the university.

The young man then opted to pursue a master’s degree after successfully finishing his bachelor’s degree.

He applied for admission to numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, to do this.

He questioned whether he would ever be accepted anyplace. He was urged to complete his education at Bowie University by his close pals.

When he had entirely focused on his work and had given up on becoming a magistrate, Harvard responded favorably.

He enrolled in the law school.

This is the tale of a commonplace man from a low-income household who rose from janitorial work to enroll in Harvard.

You should never give up because of this. Everything you plan to do is attainable if you put forth the effort and have faith in yourself.

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