Couple in San Diego Champions Bee Rescue, Educating the Importance of Bees and Safely Relocating Hives

Bees are crucial to our natural world.

People frequently lack understanding of how bees contribute to the ecosystem. They are controlling microscopic insects and pollinating plants.

And even though many people are aware of their significance, they are nonetheless somewhat wary of them. Many individuals flee a mile away after seeing them since their sting can be terrible.

But the task of securely removing them from properties and relocating them to a secure location falls to a married couple in San Diego.

The removal of the bees isn’t as difficult as we thought it would be, as the video shows. If the couple discovers a Queen Bee, more bee colonies, like hives, will soon follow.

Jess and Julie, however, don’t take their safety gear for granted. They have been stung too frequently, so they take precautions when they remove hives.

After all, it’s inevitable that they will enrage thousands of bees during the procedure. And they would be in grave danger if they weren’t dressed in protective gear.

Julie and Jeff put a lot of effort into what they do. Since more and more people are beginning to understand the value of bees, they are working to rescue as many bees as they can, and their removal method is becoming quite popular.

The bees are then given to their beekeeper buddies after they have finished saving them. Furthermore, they are secure and undoubtedly won’t go back to the same spot.

Julia also discusses the significance of bees.

«It’s important for people to understand that there are other tiny pests besides bees. They prepare for a significant part in our environment. They produce one-third of all the food we consume. All plants propagate their genetic material by pollinating other plants and transferring pollen.

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