6-year-old boy who has long desired a sibling rejoices at the first meeting with his premature brother

True brotherly love is the most real emotion there is!

If their kids respect and care for one another, any parent can be content. A 6-year-old youngster named Mike provided an illustration of a genuine feeling for a loved one.

Even though his brother was not yet in his parents’ plans, he instantly loved him.

For a very long time, Jessica and Michael Marotta, Mike’s parents, hoped to give their son a brother.

But following a failed pregnancy, Jessica lost faith in her ability to win over her son. However, a miracle did occur; shortly after, Jessica learned of a fresh pregnancy.

Jake, the much-anticipated child, was born too soon.

A diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction was made for the youngster. The boy had to spend an additional two months in intensive care because he was born weak and little.

Mike, 6, has been anticipating his first encounter with his brother for a while. But Jake’s birth was only 11 days away when he last saw Jake.

It was quite heartwarming when Mike and Jake first met. This amazing moment was captured by the boys’ parents.

Baby Jake soon gained strength and returned home with his mother.

“Mike is overjoyed that his brother has already arrived home and is doing well. He makes an effort to stay with him and greets the infant each morning with a soft hug. Jake’s hair is the same fiery red color as Mike’s, which amazes Mike. — stated the boys’ mother, who had the good fortune to see genuine brotherly affection.

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