Man chooses to build a tiny cottage for a homeless woman camping outside his house

A man decides to construct a tiny house for a homeless woman who is sleeping on the streets after spotting her.
One of those people that contributes to restoring our faith in others is a man by the name of Dave Summers. What makes him so unique, then?

One day outside his Los Angeles house, Dave saw a woman dozing down on a patch of grass. Instead of getting upset and ordering her to go, he made the decision to construct a little cottage for her to live in.

Irene “Smokie” McGee couldn’t believe what she heard when she learned what Dave intended to do for her.

Before he could devote all of his time and efforts to creating a compact home for Irene, Dave went to the neighborhood hardware shop and purchased $500 worth of goods using his carpentry abilities and being interested by the growing trend of individuals resorting to tiny dwellings.

Irene now had a place to live, where she could sleep, spend her time, and store her few possessions. Additionally, the location is safe and moveable.

Dave made the decision to post the film of his labor on YouTube in order to spread awareness to the problem of homelessness in the nation, which affects more people than we can ever understand. Dave saw how much having her own house meant to Irene.

Additionally, Dave made it his goal to assist more people who find themselves in Irene’s shoes. The mission expanded at this point, inspiring the fundraising campaign “Small Home, Big Purpose.”

Over time, Dave also started offering opportunities for education or employment to individuals who were less wealthy.

The neighborhood church generously provided space in their parking lot for these “Little Houses” to spend the night safely after learning of Dave’s admirable objective. In addition, the church offers food, shelter, and clothing as part of its humanitarian mission to assist persons who are homeless in starting over and turning a new page.

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