Was an unwanted child and ran away from home: Depardieu’s childhood was unenviable

Gérard Depardieu had a difficult and oftentimes dangerous upbringing.

The actor’s parents are also to blame for this. Despite the fact that he wasn’t yet born, his life was already in danger.

His own mother wanted to have him removed even when he was still a fetus.

Depardieu’s parents were average, disadvantaged farmers. When the wife became pregnant, there were already two kids living there.

The parents recognized it would be considerably harder to support them on their own. Therefore, the mother decided to abort the child.

While doing this, she even punctured her stomach with knitting needles, yet the child survived in spite of everyone else.

Due to his excess weight, the actor’s father drank a lot. At the age of 14, Gerard fled his house and got into a lot of trouble.

The majority of the young man’s customers were respectable men, but he also engaged in prostitution, tomb raiding, and robberies. However, Depardieu was able to see the chance that fate had given him.

By happenstance, he and a friend enrolled in acting classes, which aided him in becoming the most well-known and successful actor in France.

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