The girl who was born without legs is only 8 years old and she has already become a professional gymnast

The young girl, who is just eight years old, has demonstrated that you can overcome any challenges if you have a strong drive.

Paige was born without legs. She loved to see gymnasts perform in sports since she was a little child, so her parents made an effort to get her to the first session.

In the beginning, Paige exercised to maintain her physical health because she needed strong hands given her characteristics. But with time, this activity expanded to become much more.

The youngster, who is already eight years old, is a member of the Ohio State gymnastics team right now. She proclaimed, “I feel like gymnastics is my calling, so I won’t stop doing it.”

“I want to continue working out, offering services, and participating in sports. However, it is essential to have the support of family members, the trainer, and even teammates.

Paige enjoys gymnastics as well as cheerleading, swimming, and archery.

The daughter’s parents go above and beyond to make sure she is happy and shows up on time for all of her favorite activities.

At such a young age, Page was already considering seriously competing in the Paralympic Games.

This young child’s example demonstrates that anyone can accomplish any objective if they have the necessary amount of willpower.

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