The couple have lived in a cave for 60 years and are not going to leave: they are living their unusual life

What are your thoughts? Together in a hut and in paradise? In our case, a cave…

About 60 years ago, a Chinese couple named Liang Zifu and Li Suyin got married.

Right now, they lacked both money and a place to stay.

They couldn’t earn enough money to cover the rent or to buy a house or an apartment.

The couple as a result built a cave family nest. Under the stone vaults are a bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

They ultimately established themselves and began breeding pigs and hens. They mostly ate fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, meat and eggs were exchanged for clothing and other essentials in a nearby hamlet.

Not long after giving birth to the family, Lee gave birth to her children in the same cave.

The parents stayed in the city for a longer amount of time before the sons and daughters relocated there to live as adults.

As soon as provincial politicians learnt about this family, an apartment in the city—where their children also live—was offered to the 86-year-old husband and 81-year-old wife. However, they turned it down.

After so many years, they say they have become accustomed to living in a cave.

They like silence and seclusion. They also don’t want to ruin their marriage for this reason.

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