The boy had been saving money for many years to surprise his parents

The parents of LeJuan James, a well-known YouTube blogger noted for his hilarious videos, are responsible for his success.

His parents gave everything up while he was a child to make sure he had everything he needed.

LeJuan spent years saving money to surprise his parents with a new house as a gesture of gratitude.

LeJuan’s parents had to work really hard before he became well-known in order to support their family.

They relocated to the US from Puerto Rico, and while his father worked in hotel maintenance during the day and at a Burger King in the evenings, his mother worked as a cleaner at Disney World during the day.

LeJuan was always appreciative of his parents’ efforts rather than complaining about their sacrifices.

Years later, LeJuan found success and realized his childhood desire of giving his parents a spacious and lovely home.

His parents were shocked and moved with emotion when they realized it was their new house after he had blindfolded them and taken them there.

The family’s elation and LeJuan’s own tears of happiness can be seen in the footage of the surprise.

The family will always look back on this time as one of great joy and thankfulness.

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