Take a look at one of the best ice dance performances of all time: they are stunning

Torvill and Dean’s figure skating dance to Bolero tops every list of the best and most renowned British Olympic performances of all time.

While competing in the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo, the famous and stunning couple performed their wonderfully lovely and poignant routine.

They were expected to place last in their category, so the wait was horrible.

For a long, the duo had been causing a stir at figure skating contests.

They managed to win the British, European, and World Championships despite finishing fifth at the previous Olympics. Many people had great expectations.

In the UK, a record-breaking 24 million people witnessed their outstanding performance.

Torvill and Dean entered the ice for their opening positions to the attention of Sarajevo and the entire world.

A captivating percussion pulse is heard at the start of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro.

Ravel supposedly asked to a friend as he was composing the piece, “Don’t you think this subject seems to have a persistent quality?”

I’m going to try to play it repeatedly without making any changes while trying to gradually build the orchestra.

This contributed to how remarkably Torvill and Dean performed.

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